Run for a Council Seat!

Candidate Nominations have closed for this Election Cycle, but if you are interested in serving on the Council you can still run as a Write-in Candidate!

Eligible persons seeking to be elected to a J.P.N.C District or At-Large seat that have not previously qualified or participated in the nomination process can seek election through write-in candidacy on Election Day (must get at least 25 votes for Area seat, 50 for At Large Seat). 

Details: Write-in candidates shall instruct their supporters to write-in the candidate’s name and address in the appropriate section of the ballot, or to affix a sticker with a single candidate’s name and address in the appropriate section of the ballot. Stickers must not cover the names of other candidates on the ballot. Stickers may not have more than one candidate’s name and address.

Download the Candidate Nomination Packet here:

*Note: a previous version of the Candidate Nomination Packet contained an error in the instructions for creating an iPetition for signature collection. This version was available online between 4/24-4/26 at 1PM. The packet above is the most up to date version.

Who can participate?

Elected membership to the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) is open to all area residents of Jamaica Plain, aged sixteen years or older. In addition, persons owning businesses and directors of not-for-profit agencies or organizations within the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council area are also eligible for membership.

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council has twenty (20) members.

  • Five seats are assigned to eligible persons residing in or representing Area “A”
  • Five seats are assigned to eligible persons residing in or representing Area “B”
  • Five seats are assigned to eligible persons residing in or representing Area “C”, and
  • Five At-Large seats are assigned to eligible persons residing in or representing any location within the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council area.

There are no formal qualifications for being a JPNC Council member other than living in Jamaica Plain and being 16 or older.

What does the JPNC do?

The JPNC conducts its business through its working committees, which consist of both elected JPNC Council members and interested community participants. The working Committees are:

  • The Zoning Committee, responsible for the review of appeals to the city’s Board of Appeal concerning conditional use permits, changes of occupancy, and variances.
  • The Public Service Committee, responsible for public safety and police matters; maintenance and repairs of streets, sidewalks, and public ways, and transportation; and alcohol, entertainment, and restaurant licensing.
  • The Parks+ Committee (Environment, Parks, and Energy), responsible for the promotion of green space, including concern for the issues of maintenance, management, location, and access.
  • The Housing and Development Committee, responsible for monitoring of current housing and development projects and related initiatives in the community, including the disposition of public lands, working with the city of Boston to assure a forum for community input on such projects, and discussion of development priorities and objectives at the conceptual and planning stages.
  • The Outreach Committee, responsible for promoting participation in the JPNC, increasing the diversity and representative cross-section of the community on the Council, promoting JPNC activities, and ensuring transparency and access through active engagement.

Working with residents, businesses, youth, local organizations, and representatives of all levels of government, the JPNC offers the people of Jamaica Plain the opportunity to participate fully and directly in governing neighborhood affairs.

What does being on the Council involve?

If you run for a Council seat and are elected, you will be expected to regularly attend the monthly JPNC meeting (held on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm, currently via Zoom), and to join one of the working committees listed above and attend their meetings. Generally the time commitment is 4-6 hours/month depending on which committee you join.

How do I run?

You’ll need to review the Candidate Nomination Packet carefully, ensure you are an Eligible resident, complete the Nomination Papers, collect signatures of eligible Jamaica Plain residents (either in person or online, as detailed in the nomination packet), and submit a bio by May 24, 2023.

Eligible residents are those who are:

16 years old or older as of June 24, 2023


Listed on the most-current City of Boston List of Residents in Jamaica Plain


Show proof of age, identity, and residency. Such proof includes, but is not limited to a:

  • government-issued photo ID
  • current school report card with envelop
  • driver’s permit
  • birth certificate
  • piece of mail from a utility or governmental agency, or
  • letter or other document attesting to residency in an area shelter such as Shattuck Shelter at 170 Morton Street or similar facility.

If you have questions about running here are some resources:

  1. Review the Nomination Packet carefully- there are a lot of details there!
  2. Join us for one of our in-person events:
    • Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Services Liaison’s Coffee Hour– Fri, April 28th at 10am at JP Licks
    • Wake Up the Earth – Sat, May 6th from 12-5pm in the Non-profit area
    • JPNC Outreach Meeting – Tues, May 9th at 7pm at Evergreen Eatery (meet us on the patio!)
  3. Contact the JPNC directly at