Council Members

At-Large (5 seats)Area A (5 seats)Area B (5 seats)Area C (5 seats)
Will CohenTrevor Wissink-AdamsNicholas ChavesAlexis Rickmers
David BaronJonathan WatkinsOmer HechtPeg Preble
Daniel Pérez LaceraRenee Stacey WelchPaige SparksBernard Doherty
Michael RieskindOPEN SEAT – apply nowOPEN SEAT – apply nowGert Thorn
Sarah FreemanOPEN SEAT – apply nowOPEN SEAT – apply nowOPEN SEAT – apply now
All members, 2022

David Baron

Zoning Committee (Chair)

Member At Large

David Baron is a longtime resident of Jamaica Plain.  He served as one of the Area B representatives to the JPNC for eight years (he now serves JP at large) and has chaired the Council’s Zoning Committee since 2009.  Dave also led in 2009 and 2010 the ad hoc committee responsible for updating the JPNC election procedures and by-laws.  By day, Dave has a solo law practice specializing in real estate matters. As a member of the Neighborhood Council, his priorities are ensuring a fair and open community process, particularly around zoning matters, and serving as a JP advocate and liaison to City government.

Will Cohen

JPNC (Chair)

Member At Large

Will moved to Jamaica Plain (for the second time) in 2019 and has lived in the Boston area since 2011. Originally from North Carolina, Will Cohen is an urban planner at the Boston-based design firm Utile, where he works on citywide, zoning, and housing plans across New England, and he teaches a course on geographic information systems and mapping at Boston College. He hopes to see contemporary and progressive planning practices more consistently encouraged and reinforced by the JPNC. He lives on Walk Hill Street with his wife and son, and the three collectively enjoy their community garden at Minton Stable as well as their proximity to the Arboretum, Forest Hills Cemetery, and J.P. Licks.

Sarah Freeman

Parks+ Committee

Member At Large

Sarah Freeman has lived in JP since 1993 – decades longer than anywhere else (born in Sweden, raised in Ohio).  Recently retired after 40 years in public health/epidemiology, Sarah’s work life, researching the role of physical activity and other factors in chronic disease prevention, has carried over into her personal life: running marathons, advocating for public health: safer conditions for walking and bicycling, promotion of physical activity, and for environmental health: parks, open space, trees and nature as integral components for healthy communities.  In her spare time, she is a member and supporter of multiple organizations dealing with these priorities plus environmental justice & social justice.  For a change of pace, she plays trumpet in the Metropolitan Wind Symphony.  Sarah is a member of the Parks+ Committee; she also often attends the Public Service Committee, Housing & Development Committee & Police Procedures subcommittee.

Daniel Pérez Lacera

Housing and Development Committee, Outreach Committee

Member At Large

Daniel Pérez Lacera (he/him) was raised in JP on Paul Gore St and spent many childhood summers reading and learning at the Connolly Branch Library. Daniel and his wife are residents of Egleston Sq. His passions are business process optimization, strategies, and social economic justice. Being involved in the development of policies and implementation of organization-wide initiatives have always brought a smile to his face. Such passions have led him to results-driven roles that have worked effectively in creating genuine professional development, and tangible peer, and community empowerment throughout his executive management career. Diversity is necessary and community engagement a must. Daniel brings a lifetime of community service and civic involvement to the council. He currently serves on both the Housing and Development Committee and the Outreach Committee.

Michael Reiskind

JPNC (Secretary), Public Service Committee (Chair)

Member At Large

Michael Reiskind is a long-time resident of Jamaica Plain and a hard-working community activist involved in many aspects of neighborhood life. Michael is the Chair of its Public Service Committee, where he works on public safety, public works and transportation issues. He is a board member of JP Centre/South Main Streets, the Jamaica Pond Association, The Arborway Committee for Public Transit, Inc. and the JP Business and Professional Association. In addition, he has been a leader working with the Boston Police Department to implement Neighborhood Policing in Jamaica Plain.

Jonathan Watkins

Housing and Development Committee

Area A

Renee Stacey Welch

Housing and Development Committee, Zoning Committee

Area A

Renee Stacey Welch has lived in Jamaica Plain in her family home on Montebello Rd from 1975 until this past October 2021, when she moved to her new home in Egleston. She is a 47-year resident of Jamaica Plain. Over the last 18 years, Renee has managed several financial institutions. Her passion is educating people on how to finance and manage homeownership. Renee is a currently pursuing her advanced degree in Business management. Close to Renee’s heart is maintaining the beauty of Jamaica Plain keeping the neighborhood a happy, clean, and safe environment

Trevor Wissink-Adams

Parks+ Committee (vice-chair)

Area A

Trevor Wissink-Adams has lived in Jamaica Plain since 2012, first on Boylston Street and now with his wife, Jay, on Amory Street. Living near Stony Brook has intensified Trevor’s passion for green space, spending time in Southwest Corridor Park, Jamaica Pond, and the Arboretum.  Trevor has a masters degree in education and has worked in public school education and administration for the past 10 years. He is especially interested in developing a Social Service and Schools Committee to address the ideas, concerns, and hopes of JP’s parents and educators.

Nicholas Chaves

Parks+ Committee

Area B

Nick Chaves (he/him) moved to Jamaica Plain in 2021 and has lived in Boston since 2014. Originally from the Southcoast of Massachusetts, Nick attended Northeastern University for his undergraduate education and is back at Northeastern pursuing a law degree. He is passionate about the environment and sustainability, public transportation, and engaging with community members. Nick is excited to contribute to the work of the JPNC and explore more of JP’s green spaces and restaurants (and always willing to swap recommendations)!

Omer Hecht

Outreach Committee, Zoning Committee, Public Service Committee

Area B

Omer Hecht (He/Him – They/Them) has lived in Jamaica Plain since 2005 after having moved to Boston from West Jerusalem. Omer earned an MFA from RISD and was a professor at Bridgewater State University, he now owns CatLABS, a specialty camera store and film lab in Jamaica Plain.

Paige Sparks

Outreach Committee (Chair), Public Service Committee, Zoning Committee

Area B

Paige (she/her) has lived in JP since 2019, and has lived in the Boston area since 2011. Originally from Colorado, she now works in clinical research at one of the local hospitals. She joined the Council in 2022, and has a particular interest in public safety, new development, and community engagement. She serves on the Public Service Committee (including the Subcommittee on Police Procedures), Zoning Committee, and Outreach Committee.

Bernard Doherty

JPNC (Vice chair)

Area C

Bernie Doherty was a member of the JPNC from 1985 through 1997, and during this time served as the Chair of the Zoning Committee overseeing the Interim Planning Overlay District (IPOD) process.  He also has served as President of the Asticou-Martinwood-South Street Neighborhood Association for the past 30 years and was a founding member of the Community Planning Committee for the Arborway Yard and a member of a number of other community-orientated organizations.  Bernie was born and raised in Jamaica Plain and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Boston with a major in International Marketing.

Peg Preble

Zoning Committee (vice-chair), Outreach Committee, Public Service Committee

Area C

Peg Preble has lived in JP since 1991. She is presently on the Neighborhood Council, and on the Zoning and Public Service committees. Peg works in the JP area as a residential electrician, and has intimate knowledge of many neighborhood attics and basements. Her love for the quirky housing stock of JP and the wish to insure that the neighborhoods have a voice in their community drew her to the council. 

Alexis Rickmers

Parks+ Committee Chair

Area C

Alexis moved to Jamaica Plain in 2020 and has lived in Boston since 2017. Originally from Texas, Alexis is currently in law school and going to work in education and civil rights law upon graduating. Alexis is the current Parks Committee Chair for JPNC. Alexis’s motivation to join JPNC comes from her deep appreciation for JP’s green space, namely the Pond, the Southwest Corridor, and the Arboretum. She hopes to use the Parks committee to bring people from every corner of the neighborhood together in JP’s green space through community service, recreation, and events. 

Gert Thorn

Public Service Committee

Area C

As a resident of Jamaica Plain since 2013, Gert plans to continue focusing on issues that affect the quality of life and our environment in Jamaica Plain.  He has previously served on community boards in New York City, including as a neighborhood association president in Brooklyn; as a member of the Town Planning Board in Westport, Connecticut, and currently serves on a historical society board.  Gert has a great interest in ensuring that our community continues to be diverse, and that we support opportunities to improve our built environment and provide resources to our residents.  Gert is an architect with experience in urban planning, multi-family housing, commercial, university and healthcare, and well versed in working with governmental entities and community boards.  He also has been an advocate of Green Building environmentally responsible design, and is known as a hands-on advocate, pro-active in engaging with community members.