Arborway Yard Subcommittee

The Arborway Yard Subcommittee advocates for funding and construction of a new bus facility at Arborway Yard, and to have 8 acres of the site turned over to the City for community use.  The Subcommittee supports expanded and efficient bus transit. The Subcommittee’s responsibilities include facilitating community participation in the ongoing planning and design efforts related to the new bus facility, and maintaining communication/coordination with the City of Boston and MBTA.

Committee Membership Includes:

Sue Cibulsky (Co-Chair)

Carolyn Royce (Co-Chair)

Sarah Freeman*

Gert Thorne*

Carla-Lisa Caliga*

Pam Bender

Michael Epp

Allan Ihrer

Louise Johnson

Eileen McMahon

*Indicates JPNC Member