Zoning Committee

All materials on any matter in front of the Zoning Committee, including plans and photographs, may be accessed here.

The Zoning Committee hears petitions and provides recommendations related to appeals made to the city’s Zoning Board of Appeal. Responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on appeals to the city’s Board of Appeal concerning conditional use permits, changes of occupancy, and variances of the city’s Zoning Code;
  • Reviewing and monitoring the actions, decisions, and agreements entered into with the Boston Planning & Development Agency and other governmental agencies involved in building and land use matters;
  • Participating in planning and other city processes affecting zoning, building, and land use matters in the neighborhood.

For more information about the Zoning Committee, please send an email to zoning.jpnc@gmail.com

Committee membership includes:

Dave Baron* (Chair)
Peg Preble* (Vice-Chair)
Willie Mitchell*
Purple Reign*
Renee Stacey Welch*
Lee Goodman
Kendra Halliwell
Andrea Howley
Kevin Leary
Kevin Moloney
Gerry O’Connor
David Seldin
Marie Turley
Madden Shelley

* indicates JPNC Council Member