Public Service Committee

The Public Service Committee is involved in the areas of judiciary, community relations, public works, transportation, and crime to ensure that Jamaica Plain remains safe and accessible.

Responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Reviewing requests for food service, alcohol, and entertainment licensing, and making recommendations to the appropriate licensing board or committee;
  • Working with utilities and city departments to address a range of public safety and public service issues, including street maintenance and repair, trash and snow removal, traffic and parking, and access to public transportation;
  • Partnering with the Boston Police and local crime watch groups to promote safety and tackle crime-related problems.

For more information about the Public Service Committee, please send an email to

Committee membership includes:

Michael Reiskind** (Chair)
Bernard Doherty**
Will Cohen**
Omer Hecht*
Peg Preble*
Paige Sparks*
Gert Thorn*
Robin Cheung
Dorothy Farrell
Jake Hart
Louise Johnson

* indicates JPNC Council Member
** indicates ex officio Council Member