Letter from Whole Foods to the community

Click the link below to read a letter from Whole Food’s executive Laura Derba to Jamaica Plain:


The council is continuing to solicit neighborhood comments on the matter.  Please feel free to contact us via our website, any e-mails located on our website, Facebook, or by attending our February monthly meeting.  Thank you.

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  1. Whole Foods at 415 Centre Street- we hwoleheartedly support having Whole Foods serve our community at 415 Centree Street- we have for many years now shopped at Whole Foods Market at various locations mincluding Brookline and at Symphony Hall and find that they are excellent in serving the needs of health conscious shoppers . We have lived in JP for 24 years now and have not shopped more than three times at Hi Lo! You should be pleased to get such service. The smaller markets here just can’t provide this kind of service and they are more EXPENSIVE than Whole Foods, especially City Feed! David & Luciana White

  2. I am writing to express my unequivocable support of Whole Foods in their quest to open a store in the former location of Hi-Lo Foods.

    For far too many years, the Jamaica Plain neighborhood has been without a high-quality supermarket. While I am aware that Hi-Lo served the Latino market, the rest of the neighborhood has been under-served by a high-quality market serving the changing demographics of the neighborhood. Many of my neighbors have been driving to West Roxbury, Brookline of even Cambridge to do theior weekly shopping.

    I feel that the addition of a Whole Foods in the neighborhood would make Jamaica Plain more attractive to other retail establishments in addition to raising property values.

    Furthermore, I truly feel the closing of Hi-Lo can be the dawn of a new business model for the local bodegas on Centre Street between Hyde and Jackson Squares. These locally-owned, locally-operated markets can capitalize on the closing of Hi-Lo by stocking those products which may not be available at Whole Foods.

    There is no reason why Whole Foods and locally-owned, locally-operated markets cannot co-exist, and there is no reason why Jamaica Plain should turn up its nose at Whole Foods.

    Other neighborhoods would kill to have a Whole Foods open up in their necks of the woods.

  3. I fully support the whole foods coming to JP and feel the JPNC unfairly represents 20,000+ people. There are a few very vocal narrow thinking types of people who monopolize the council and these forums, stifling any opinions that do not conform to their world views.

    I am so glad that we finally have true democracy in the internet and can finally hear from those who have been silenced for decades. read the plethroa of posts all over the from bright articulate people who support the Latin community AND whole foods. It is not we/them as the JPNC would have you believe. The JPNC is stuck in this ’60’s era anti everything mantra with a demonstrated inability to think pragmatically. I would bet that no member of the JPNC even read the 1,000’s of comments that disagree with their unanimous decisions that do NOT represent the diversity of JP – that is not all of 1 mind. JP , like Massachusetts is 50% independent . Bright highly educated people who take the time to analyze the layers of an issue and project ahead 5, 10, 30 years and try to anticipate the law of unintended consequences. The 20,000 JPers do what the JPNC does not think about every aspect of an issues, not just the symbolism , the pragmatic realities today and 20 years from now – it’s time the JPNC did far more analysis that truly considers the 100’s of very different opinions here not just the opinions of 60’s leftovers who are oblivious to what makes a community work. It’s time JP’s leaders let “young” people have a voice, people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who want to cultivate good change that considers everyone, from our Latin residents, to our GLBT residents, to our Greens, and yes our conservative bloc, they too have something to say, etc everyone, not 1 group, ALL groups -people who want Whole foods should not be pilloried as bad guys and the JPNC is overdue for saying they were wrong for hosting such a forum – as is Sanchez and Arroyo – they too owe ALL their constituents an apology for not representing all JPers equally. and for that matter – La vida urbana and hyde sq task force does not represent all of this area equally – at all.

  4. Thank you to those of you who have posted. The JPNC is very aware of the internet posting on the Whole Foods topic (on both sides of the debate) and welcome further opinions posted on our website or facebook page. Alternatively they can be e-mailed to us at info.jpnc@gmail.com.

    The JPNC has not yet taken a stance on the issue, and is still listening to the community. A second meeting for those in the community who wish to be heard will be held tomorrow on Monday February 28th. Members of the community with ANY opinion on the matter are encouraged to attend and not hesitate to voice their opinion to the council.

    Thanks again.

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