Housing and Development Committee Agenda 10/19

JPNC Housing & Development Committee
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84427487267?pwd=aHF2QXNhNkROQnJKRjZCOVc3YUc1Zz09
Zoom dial-in: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York); Meeting ID: 844 2748 7267; Passcode: 044994


·         Announcements

o   Update on Forbes Building, if any

·         New Members & Elect Chair & other positions (Vice-Chair, Clerk)

·         Article 80 Projects:

o   3409 Washington St. – Dave Traggorth, Traggorth Companies (to be confirmed)

Topics: % of total units affordable, AMI for affordable units, transit-oriented development, energy efficiency & sustainability, urban design, job creation, community process, community benefits

Others in attendance: Ebony DaRosa, Project Manager, BPDA

·         Other presentations:

o   BPDA Community Outreach – Barry Reaves, Director, Diversity & Inclusion at BPDA (confirmed); Jamahrl Crawford, Community Liaison for JP, Roxbury and Mission Hill, BPDA

Topics: BPDA community outreach efforts, Housing & Development Committee DE&I outreach initiative

o   127 Amory St. – John K. Harding, Project Manager, The Community Builders (confirmed)

Topics: Adding additional affordable units and reduction in overall number of units, plans for a community process

o   10 Stonley Rd., AKA “Stonley-Brookley” – Matt Henzy, Associate Director of Real Estate, JPNDC (confirmed); Dave Traggorth, Traggorth Companies (to be confirmed)

Topics: Change of ownership and changing development from 20% affordable to 100% affordable, plans for community process

Others in attendance: Aisling Kerry, Project Manager, BPDA

·         Matters for Potential Vote

o   3409 Washington St.

o   127 Amory Street – Community Builders are seeking letter of support

·         Discussion on DE&I outreach initiative – Samantha Montaňo, temporary JPNC chair, has asked to discuss

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