Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

The JPNC continues to conduct virtual meetings, which are open to the public.  To access the meeting from a computer, please use the link:


Meeting ID: 85967239298 and Passcode: 653190

Or by telephone, call 312-626-6799 and follow the prompts to enter the Meeting ID: 85967239298 and Passcode: 653190#


  1. Introduction of members.
  2. Review/approve minutes from the 4/27/21 JPNC meeting.
  3. Announcements:
    • Second announcement of a vacancy on the council in Area B.
    • Nominations for vacancy will be accepted from floor.
  4. Committee reports/recommendations:
    • Zoning Committee: Report on the recommendations of the committee on:  1). 56 Lochstead Avenue to increase the size of an existing deck; 2). 15 Jess Street to create curb cut per plans; 3). 15 Rocky Nook Terrace #3 to add roof dormers to third-floor unit; 4). 5 Wise Street to confirm legal occupancy as two-family residence and expand living space into basement; 5). 22 Sedgwick Street to construct new dormer on right side of house per plans; 6). 41-41A Green Street a/k/a 43 Green Street to install new deck; 7). 54 Danforth Street to construct dormer over bathroom and renovate bathroom; 8). 79 Perkins Street to change occupancy from three-family to four-family residence, create a unit in basement, and install partial sprinkler system.
    • Public Service Committee: Updates from the committee on their discussion of a Good Community Business policy.
    • Housing & Development Committee: Updates and recommendation from the committee, including: 1). A VOTE to submit a letter to DHCD to support funding for Building 1B at Mildred Hailey; 2). A VOTE to support a letter to the MBTA to include funding for a new bus facility at Arborway Yard in the 2022-2027 CIP; 3) Updates from Net Zero Carbon Committee; 4). The presentation by Boston Climate Action Network on BERDO, the City ordinance related to energy efficiency in large buildings; 5). A VOTE on an  Article 80 letter for 3478-3484 Washington St. (Doyle’s Cafe Project).
    • Outreach and Election Committee:  Nomination papers for 7/24/21 election will be available on 5/28/21.
  5. An introduction to Kelly Ransom, candidate for Boston City Council.
  6. New Business  

Next Meeting 6/22; Executive Committee Meeting 6/17

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