Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

The JPNC continues to conduct virtual meetings, which are open to the public.  To access the meeting from a computer, use the link:


Meeting ID: 859 6723 9298 and Passcode: 653190

Or by telephone, call 312-626-6799 and follow the prompts to enter the Meeting ID: 859 6723 9298 and Passcode: 653190#


1.   Introduction of members.

2.   Review/approve minutes from the 3/23/21 JPNC meeting.

3.   Announcements:

  • 3.1.  First announcement of a vacancy on the council in Area B.

4.   A presentation on Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital expansion plans.

5.   Committee reports/recommendations:

  • 5.1.     Zoning Committee: Report on the recommendations of the committee on:  1). 632-638 Centre Street to construct additional story (fourth floor) on existing building and change occupancy from 9 residential units with office and retail to 18 residential units and 4 commercial (retail and office) spaces;  2). 180-190 Hyde Park Avenue to convert building from three commercial spaces to four spaces (180 Hyde Park Avenue to remain retail, 182 to be converted from retail to food service/café, 184 to be converted from retail to church with gatherings, legal services, and community outreach, 188 to remain retail/salon); 3).  22 Castleton Street to change occupancy from a 2 to a 3-family residential dwelling, create a new third-floor unit, and create additional rear access; 4). 3815 Washington Street in which The Croft School seeks to expand existing educational use on ground and first floor to second floor; 5. 12 and 14 Ennis Road to combine lots at 12 and 14 Ennis Road and build two unattached two-family dwellings with six (6) off-street parking spaces; 6).  203 Chestnut Avenue to add a third floor on top of existing second floor bump-out to create master bedroom; 7). 8 Alveston Street to demolish existing garage and build new attached garage per plans; 8). 93-95 Hyde Park Avenue to change occupancy to permit tenant fit-out and use as veterinary office and veterinary medical clinic; 9). 1589 Columbus Avenue to change occupancy from dry cleaner to adult use cannabis retailer with interior alterations and exterior renovations. The building will remain the same size on the same footprint;  10). 87-89 West Walnut Park to change occupancy from two-family to three-family dwelling and extend living space into basement.
  • 5.2.     Public Service Committee: Updates from the committee and a request to VOTE  to support the request by Anglo Hospitality, Inc., doing business as “The Haven” at 284 Amory Street for a Common Victualler 7-Day All Alcoholic Beverages License and an Entertainment License for Instrumental/Vocal Music for up to 7 Performers and Disc Jockey/Karaoke all with a closing hour of 1:00 am, with Jason Waddleton as manager, plus a seasonal outdoor patio for 60 seats with an 11:00 pm closing time.
  • 5.3.     Housing & Development Committee: Updates from the committee on their discussion of: 1). the sale of Blessed Sacrament Church with the Hyde Square Task Force; 2)  the Shattuck Campus draft Project Proposal .
  • 5.4     Outreach and Election Committee:  The committee presents its recommendation for the upcoming election.

6.  New Business  

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