Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Tuesday, 12/17/19, 7:00 p.m.

Farnsworth House, 90 South Street


1. Introductions of members.

2. Review/approve minutes of the 7/23/19, 9/24/19, 11/26/19 Council Meetings.

3. Announcements.

4. Working and Ad Hoc Committee:

  • 4.1. Education Committee: Update from the Committee on the discussion of the Superintendent’s Community Forum and plans for the coming year.
  • 4.2 Zoning Committee: Report and recommendations that Council Members:  1).  VOTE to approve the petition of Urban Edge to construct a new residential building with approximately 65 affordable units and 4000 square feet of retail ground-floor space at 1595-1599 Columbus Avenue; 2). Vote to approve the petition of 12 Rock Hill Road to combine three existing lots into one 10,138 square foot lot and erect a new, four-story building with fourteen (14) residential units and twenty-six (26) off-street parking spaces; 3).  VOTE to approve the petition of 62-64 Boynton Street to raze existing garage and construct a new three-story building with two residential units and 4 off-street parking spaces.
  • 4.2. Public Service Committee:  Report and recommendation that Council members VOTE to support the petition of City Feed and Supply, Inc., doing business as â€œCity Feed and Supply” at 672 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain for a transfer of their Beer & Wine Package Store License to Equal Exchange, Inc., doing business as â€œCity Feed and Supply” at the same location.
  • 4.3. Housing & Development Committee: Report and recommendation that Council members vote to approve a comment letter to BPDA for 3326 Washington Street, a proposal to construct a five (5)-story, approximately 40,450 gross square foot, green, transit-oriented, mixed-use, mixed-income building.
  • 4.4. Parks + Committee: Update from the Committee on the follow-up discussion of the Oct. 24 meeting and the Shattuck Campus Redesign.
  • 4.6. Outreach Committee: Next meeting 1/13/20.

5. New business.

  • 5.1 Follow-up on Core Empowerment.
  • 5.2 Next election April 2020.

6. Adjournment.

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