Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, May 28, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Farnsworth House, 90 South Street


1. Introductions of members.

2. Review/approve minutes of the 4/23/19 Council Minutes.

3. Announcements.

  • 3.1 First announcement of vacancy on the Council in Area C (Woodbourne, Jamaica Hill, Moss Hill, Pondside)

4. Presentation by Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George.

5. Committee reports/recommendations:

  • 5.1. Public Service Committee:  A VOTE to support the petition of Blue Nile, Inc., d/b/a â€œBlue Nile Restaurant”, at 389 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain for a change in its seven-day common victualler malt and wine license to seven-day common victualler wine, malt beverages and liqueurs. 
  • 5.2. Housing & Development Committee: 1).  A VOTE to approve a letter to Tim Davis, BPDA re: JPNC supports the request of the IDP Coalition for the BPDA to hold a meeting in Jamaica Plain to discuss the City’s Inclusionary Development Policy Update; JPNC offers to help host such a meeting.  2). A VOTE to approve and collect community support for our annual letter to MA Dept. of Transportation re: Arborway Yard to include funding for a permanent bus facility in DOT’s Capital Improvement Plan, support the continued and future use of Arborway Yard as a bus facility, transfer 8 acres of land for community use, address current blight at the Yard & provide an MBTA contact person who can handle neighbors’ complaints/questions re noise/light/fumes, etc., and involve the community in further discussion about development of the site.
  • 5.3. Zoning Committee:  1).  A VOTE to approve the petition of 67 Forest Hills Street to construct a new three-family house per plans; 2).  A VOTE to deny the petition of 197-201 Green Street to consolidate parcels to create one new lot, raze existing structure, and erect a four-story mixed use building with twenty-three (23) residential units, one retail space, and six (6) off-street parking spaces;3).  A VOTE to deny the petition of 11 Minton Street to renovate building and add a third-floor addition, including dormers and pitched roof, and install sprinkler system; 4). A VOTE to approve the petition of 17 Chestnut Avenue to change occupancy from commercial to three-family residential building, renovate building to add a story, and install sprinkler system.; 3). A VOTE to approve the petition of 137 Carolina Avenue and 71 Call Street, 73-73A Call Street, and 77-79 Call Street to allow 417 square feet of land to be conveyed from 137 Carolina to abutting project on Call Street, design changes to new construction of four attached three-story, two-family dwellings with eight residential units in all, create six (6) off-street parking spaces; 4). A VOTE to approve the petition of 79-81 Spring Park Avenue to install skylights and finish attic space for home art studio space.  
  • 5.4. Environment, Parks, and Energy Committee: Accepting nominations for a new Chair.
  • 5.5 Education Ad Hoc Committee:  Updates on mobile enrollment centers and efforts to recruit new members.

6. New business.

  • 6.1 June Meeting to include Updates on Bylaws and outreach efforts.

7. Adjournment.

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