Special Meeting of the JPNC re: Report from ad-hoc Whole Foods Committee

There will be a special meeting of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council on Tuesday, July 12 at The First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, 633 Centre Street (corner Myrtle Street), starting at 7:00pm.

On the agenda will be discussion of the report from the ad-hoc Whole Foods Committee and plans for next steps

7 responses to “Special Meeting of the JPNC re: Report from ad-hoc Whole Foods Committee”

  1. Dear JPNC,
    As a homeowner and member of the JP community for 27 years I am appalled and disgusted by all of your actions regarding Whole Foods. I am particularly disturbed by your continued claims of representing our “community”. Let me be clear. You do NOT represent me or my opinions in this matter.

  2. If the JPNC is actually interested in hearing from a wide spectrum of residents why don’t you make it easy to comment in any number of ways. On line, in person whatever. And then publicize your efforts to get the commentary. Otherwise it’s the same old thing over and over. Whose Foods is against. JP for All is for. What will you learn that’s new? Makes me hope you will see the folly of moving forward with the “recommendations” for WFM.

  3. The more you continue to form committees to discuss what sure would be a wonderful addition to JP is appauling!! So these committees would rather “discuss” what should happen and leave a building empty then put a tax payer into the site. Most of the people on this committee really don’t understand business and what that can do for the community. Very sad. But I love the empty building with the ugly fence. Thanks for making my neighborhood look like a gheto. Continue meeting….what a great idea.

  4. As a JP resident, I am embarrassed with the JPNC. Leave Whole Foods alone! It’s not their job to fund entitlement programs or give free handouts to any of us. They’re a GROCERY STORE, not the federal government. I welcome the new jobs they’ll provide, and it’ll be a nice clean addition for that area. But come on – they don’t “owe” us anything. Stop making JP residents look like welfare-dependent losers.

  5. Whole Foods isn’t so bad. It’ll be nice to have them in the neighborhood. Most of us want this, so just give it up already. You’ve gone to far.

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