Full report of the JPNC Whole Foods Ad Hoc Committee

The complete report of the the Whole Foods Ad Hoc Committee has been released and is available for download. A meeting of the JPNC to discuss this report will be held on Tuesday, July 12, 7pm at the First Baptist Church, 633 Centre Street.

Ad Hoc WF Committee Report – June 28 2011

9 responses to “Full report of the JPNC Whole Foods Ad Hoc Committee”

  1. Thanks for your very productive input. And thanks so much for providing your full name along with it.

  2. Why don’t you try being direct instead of sarcastic? Does it matter what my name is?

  3. You know Terry, a lot of folks are pretty fed up with the actions of the JPNC. You happen to be supportive of the JPNC. Your view is not the only one. Probably isn’t even in the majority.

  4. Ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. “Culturally appropriate food” That line is a gem. This report is asking Whole Foods, a grocery store, to fight a myriad of socioeconomic problems. Why don’t we ask police to pick up trash as a stipulation for them serving our neighborhoods?

  5. Seriously–and Maura. I just wanted to follow up on the exchange. I appreciate your responses. You’re right, Seriously–sarcasm is not a good tone and I apologize for that. I don’t find the exchanges that I keep reading on the Patch or here about this topic to be helpful in any way in creating a feeling of community dialogue. I just reacted to Seriously’s “Is this a joke?” comment impulsively as I feel sad when I read and read and the tone is so negative and dismissive of what has been a community process. And I raised the point about not using one’s full name in these dismissive or, well I suppose, any comments on these community sites. Putting a full name is taking responsibility for what you say in public in a community context, about issues that have significance in a neighborhood. Making dismissive or insulting comments anonymously seems to me to be anti-community, in the broad sense of building relationships, expressing differences with respect and so on.

    Maura–my comment–and again I apologize for the sarcasm–was not about whether someone has a view that is for/against or whatever. It is about the tone and taking the issue and everyone’s work on it seriously. Treating it and others with respect.

    So, yes, the irony is that I fell into the sarcastic trap. I won’t do that again. Because my main point is and will always be–these kinds of exchanges with anger, insult, sarcasm, attackes (RIDICULOUS) and so on–are just so –well, unhelpful to everyone. But that’s where I’m coming from.

    THe whole thing saddens me. I will not continue to read these as it bums me out. THere must be a better way to communicate.

    So–my two cents.

  6. Firstly, why do you need my name? Why can’t I post anonymously? Is my opinion less valid because I don’t want to revel my name? Is your opinion more valued because you do?

    Why does it take so long to disseminate information on this forum? I first downloaded the WF report from the Patch within an hour of it’s formal release to the committee. Why did they have YOUR report on line before YOU did?

    I read about your elections on the Gazette WAY before you posted here.

    Why does it take so long to post your minutes?

    How do I contact a council member if I want to voice my concerns? You have no published emails anywhere on this site?

    Why is your website constantly out of date? Today is July 28. The first topic on your home page is about a meeting on the July 12.

    And finally, how did JPNC arrived it’s conclusion that WF was not a good fit? Did you ever ask the community? Did you conduct a poll?

    To say I’m disgusted with the lot of you is a gross understatement. You are at best insignificant. You have not earned the right to represent me.

  7. Anonymous complaints are not generally taken very seriously by anyone. It’s the case that when someone is afraid or reluctant to (or doesn’t understand why it’s important to the credibility of one’s complaint) provide their name, that slanderous language (in the legal as well as common usage sense) is more likely. Hence the weakness in any court of law or official setting of an anonymous complaint.

    That’s just a cultural reality. The reasons for this are also related to why I believe that anonymous comments on a community discussion website are also weak and anti-community.

    I hope you will attend tonight’s JPNC meeting at First Baptist Church so you can ask questions and be present when people are talking about matters you seem to care about. It is always helpful to hear and be a participant in such discussions, given your strong feelings about this topic.

    One reason the website may be slow to be updated (the usual reason for community websites) is lack of staff. This is a volunteer organization.

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