June Meeting of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council

The regular monthly meeting of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council will be on Tuesday, June 28 at The First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, 633 Centre Street (corner Myrtle Street), starting at 7:00pm.

On the proposed agenda is a report from the ad-hoc Whole Foods Committee. Also on the proposed agenda is a special report on the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.  Time dependent, there will also be reports from the Working Committees, including recommendations
from the Zoning Committee on 3293-3297 Washington Street (Brookside Community Health Center),
19 Custer Street, and 126 Day Street, 7 Mark Street, and 2 Mark Street.

2 responses to “June Meeting of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council”

  1. i would like to state that as a resident of boston i am totally upset that this “council” would actually want a business to compile such a list. it is absolute rubbish that such groups have enough clout in our great city as to compell multi billion dollar corporations to actually provide and assist in housing for dead beats. isnt it enough that they are already providing hundred of people with jobs? i wont even mention that it the area will probably look a lot better than what was there before.
    take your socialist agenda to cuba! i only hope that such nonsense will never spread to my town.

    living strong in hyde park,

  2. I agree with Kevin, this whole situation is ridiculous, the council should be pleased that a viable business wants to establish a store here that will provide jobs, enhance the community and not allow a large building to remain vacant.

    these people have nothing else to do but act like morons, my recommendation is that the council get off it’s self entitled ass and see if Whole Foods will employ them and thus “get them off the streets”

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