Town Hall meeting with Whole Foods June 2 *** Note the corrected time ***

Whole Foods executives will be holding a meeting to talk about their new JP store and to address community concerns and expectations. The meeting will take place Thursday, June 2, from 7 to 8:30pm at the Curley School, 489 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain.


Los alimentos enteros que los ejecutivos celebrarán una reunión para hablar de su nuevo JP almacenan y tratar preocupaciones y expectativas de la comunidad. La reunión ocurrirá el jueves 2 de junio, a partir del 7 a 8:30pm en la escuela de Curley, calle de 489 centros, llano de Jamaica.

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  1. Thanks for posting the announcement. FYI, I think your Spanish translation is a little off and it would be helpful to fix it, perhaps ask a translator. Thanks.

  2. Dear Council,

    Your Whole Foods meeting is scheduled for a very bad time for Jamaica Plain. The first Thursday of the month is when we work to get people out shopping in the stores and SUPPORTING local business through the First Thursday program. As much as I am in favor of Whole Foods coming to Jamaica Plain, and supporting them as a business, I am also very much in favor of supporting the Main Streets district and the efforts of existing shopkeepers. I would hope that those opposed to Whole Foods would also be in favor of supporting existing local business and the greater fabric of Jamaica Plain, but the more I see and read, the more I believe they have simply put on blinders and dug in their heels to the detriment of the community at large. If they attend your meeting while the rest of the community is at First Thursday, it should only serve to demonstrate that to the Council further.

    Please work harder to be in touch with your community. If you reschedule for another weeknight, I will attend.

    Thank you,

    Anne Morton Smith

  3. Hi Anne,

    The JPNC is not sponsoring the June 2 meeting and had no role in its scheduling. It is solely a Whole Foods event. We posted it here only to spread the word that it is happening.

  4. Has anyone told them about First Thursday and asked them to change it? I will gladly call them if the JPNC can’t manage to represent us in that way.

  5. To Anna Morton Smith–I just read your exchange re timing of Whole Foods coming to the neighborhood. No one but Whole Foods decided this–their general approach has been to do what they what, when they want. People have been asking them to come to speak to the community–and listen–for months. THey simply announced this date, and that’s that.

    And by the way, from the schedule they sent around, they intend to do most of the talking. THey will present their staff and ‘their plan’. They reserve 1/2 hour for community questions and answers.

    Please do not blame the JPNC, which has been working very hard to assess the situation and represent the range of community perspectives. Take your concerns directly to Whole Foods.

  6. hey Terry-
    It’s a store, not a community center. It’s a business. And “they” don’t have to hold a meeting at all. Most businesses don’t.
    Let’s get real.

  7. I love the evil apostrophes. ‘Their plan’ is to open a store and sell groceries. The amount of outcry is insane.

    The audacity of Whole Foods, signing a lease, renovating a run down store, and selling groceries that cater to more of the neighborhood, and hopefully all of the neighborhood.

    What is wrong with this??? It seems like people want Whole Foods to fix all the ills of society before we begrudgingly allow them to do what they have a legal right to do. Ludicrous.

  8. Also, I’m glad that WF will finally get a chance to do some talking, I think if people stop filling the air with their out of line demands they will hear a lot of good things that Whole Foods will be doing in the community.

  9. Whole Foods is a fantastic orgranization. I think Whole Foods and gentified JP are a great match. Let’s stop pretending that JP hasn’t become Cambrideg.

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