Whole Foods ad hoc committee named

Below are the names of the JP residents, business owners, and Neighborhood Council members who will be serving on the newly formed Whole Foods ad hoc committee:

  • Steve Laferriere – Chair, JPNC member
  • Steve Backman – JPNC
  • Dave Baron – JPNC
  • Jesse White – JPNC
  • Jay Zoldak – JPNC
  • Monica Rey
  • Erica Bial
  • John McLaughlin
  • Sarah Silwa
  • Ben Mauer
  • Monty Cornell
  • Andrew Murray
  • Jamey Lionnette
  • Anne Mackin
  • Judy Grant

Have questions or need more information? Please respond to this post or send us an email.

10 responses to “Whole Foods ad hoc committee named”

  1. Ben Mauer lives in Roxbury. Is he here as a Jamaica Plain business owner? If so, what business?

  2. I was present at this meeting., and there is an issue with the way the members of the JP business community were selected. The JPNC cannot vouch that they reached out to all business owners in the Hyde Sq area or in JP. Ben Mauer who was selected does not even meet the basic requirement of either being a resident or a business that might be possibly affected by Whole Foods. This furthers the lack of vision or lack of thought and planning by the JPNC. They should reach out to all business owners in the area and not accept Ben Mauer because there are other business owners that are truly qualified.
    Also the postcard that was presented, by the Whose Foods group is biased. Where are the other 850 signatures…? It also brings into question the legitimacy of the 1000 signatures they claim to have collected. Transparency? The postcard… should have been mailed to all residents in JP.

  3. Why has there been no public announcement of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting tonight, Thursday, April 21st, at 7:00 pm at the Nate Smith House Community Room, 155 Lamartine Street?

    Why has there been no explanation of why non-residents are permitted to serve on this committee?

  4. I’d like to hear why the JPNC approved the Cash for Gold business in JP. A lot of people have been buzzing about this passing without issue as opposed to the big deal made about Whole Foods. Hasn’t this been linked to increased crime and don’t we already have a few in JP?

    Could someone please address this for the community?

  5. Hello,

    My name is Shana Hicks. I live on Park View Street off of Seaver Street. I am a student at Bunker Hill Community College. In my Management Seminar class we are reasearching Whole Foods Company. I would like to know if there is any one available to speak to my class on Tuesday May 10th at 6:30pm, addressing the issues JP is facing as it would effect me and my family as well. The class will meet in Building B room 134. If someone is available please let me know. I also can provide transportation if needed. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at (617)445-6341.

  6. […] The 15-person ad-hoc committee meanwhile is a mix of five of the JPNC’s current elected membership and 10 neighborhood residents who are not on the elected council but were selected specifically for the ad-hoc group. Three of the 10 resident members of the ad-hoc group resigned during the process of creating the report. […]

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