Meeting of the JPNC Whole Foods ad hoc committee 3/22 7pm

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council will be holding the first meeting of its recently formed Whole Foods Ad Hoc Committee Tuesday, March 22nd. Meeting will take place at 7pm, in the middle classroom of the First Baptist Church, 633 Centre Street.

At this first meeting, the committee will work to establish the goals of the ad hoc group, as well as determining the best way to include members of the community in the process. Like all of our meetings, this one is open to the public, but will be a meeting of the committee members only, not a public forum. Feel free to email us if you need more information

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  1. From Brett on Universal Hub:

    1)Review COMPLETED lease agreement between Hi-Lo owner and Whole Foods.

    2)Consult with a legal reference (someone’s iPhone 4) on whether a non-governmental organization can nullify, or in fact, have any effect on, said lease.

    3)Report from the bulldozer-monitoring sub-sub-committee. Are they parked on Centre Street yet?

    4)Take many pictures (using digital SLRs and iPhones) to post to blogs and twitter the next day whilst eating a artisanal sandwich from City Feed, from “the office” (table at JP Licks. CF does not have free wifi.) Note: allow sufficient time for everyone to write down names (clarify spelling of hyphenated names) so that google searches will show how they’re representing the community’s interests, should they decide to run for government office.

    3)Move to adjourn, dissolve the committee, and head to Ten Tables to discuss the terrible cost of rent inflation on Those People. End the night with a tab that surpasses the rent paid on a room by most young, unmarried, professional JP residents.

    4)Spend the rest of the evening at a committee member’s private home, discussing Larsson and Murakami. Directions to home on Burroughs Street to be provided; feel free to park your hybrid Highlander or Prius in any space saved with an Terje chair if the driveway is full.

  2. FunFun, I agree with your satire 100%. In my experience, those opposed to “development” in JP are downwardly mobile kids of wealthy parents. They feel guilty about all the money they are eventually going to inherit and all the unearned privilege they have experienced and as a consequence, they want to be “allies”.

    Never mind that the problem of unearned privilege and too much wealth is easily solved (give the money away!) — no, no — instead they must make life hell for the middle class.

    By which I mean — (1) my upstairs neighbors in my triple decker who are Columbian and probably will not shop at Whole Foods but who very much want to see increasing home values (2) those of us who bought into JP at the height of the boom when it was one of the few barely affordable neighborhoods of Boston and who have been desperately trying to pay our mortgages then and who need to see a return on our considerable sacrifice (3) people of all races and languages who love JP and who consider the replacement of an ill-kept store with an upscale grocery a POSITIVE development.

    By which I do not mean — (1) guilty liberals who bought with their grandparents’ money and who will eventually sell at a profit in order to move to the suburbs in a few years sighing all the while (2) aging hippies and artists without children who think JP was just perfect in 1982 and who can’t afford rising taxes because they are paying their housing from their diminishing trust funds (3) people who are very poor.

    There is no crime in being rich or poor — but most people in JP want to see less crime, better schools, clean stores, clean streets, and good government. In other words, while we span income levels from very poor to very rich, most people in JP have middle class values.

    JPNC didn’t seem to care that Hi-Lo Foods was dirty and that they treated their staff poorly. Oh no, because they were a local business, they could do no wrong. Whole Food is a MUCH BETTER employer than Hi-Lo and there is a *significant* portion of JP residents who will shop at the store regularly.

    In short, what is WRONG with you?! Are you all planning to run for political office? Couldn’t you please move to Dorchester if so and leave the rest of us alone? This is not your political playground. My home values are not a theoretical abstraction to me. They are real.

    It’s very nice that you don’t need to worry about your home values — after all, it’s grandma’s money. You’ve already used so much of it on your multiple expensive degrees — no one will notice if you keep losing it. Your parents are continuing to add to your inheritance through their real jobs as corporate lawyers and business owners while you play around making 40K at a nonprofit.

    The rest of us can’t afford to lose the downpayments we saved for *on our own*. So please — go play your policy games somewhere else. The rest of us actually LIVE here. And yes, we want Whole Foods.

  3. @ SK, ouch, if even half of your leaps are true!

    Hurry up WF! Perhaps those who have been so vocal against it’s impending arrival will quiet down once they have some quality produce to munch on 🙂

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