JPNC motion regarding Whole Foods

Last evening the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council voted 9 to 8 to submit the following statement to elected officials and Whole Foods management

“As a Council, we have committed ourselves to preserving affordable housing through our residential use policies, and have consistently expressed concern in our zoning and public licensing decisions to preserve the rich character of Jamaica Plain. We therefore commit ourselves to working with the established business community, community organizations and public officials to explore alternative uses of the property at 415 Centre Street. Based on what we know now, we are concerned that Whole Foods is not a good fit for Hyde Square. We hope that it will reconsider its decision to move into the neighborhood, and we hope that our community can work together to find an alternative to Whole Foods that will strengthen Jamaica Plain’s culture of diversity, locally owned businesses, and welcome to people of all economic status.”

2 responses to “JPNC motion regarding Whole Foods”

  1. I am a home owner and have lived in JP for 30 years. I want to sincerely thank the JPNC for your courageous vote on Whole Foods.
    Thank you for taking a stand that favors replacement of Hi-Lo with a more suitable store than the currently planned Whole Foods. I attended both meetings at the Kennedy School, and was very impressed by how you conducted a balanced and fair forum on this issue. I feel that you took the pulse of the community and made a rational and balanced decision. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to keep JP affordable, diverse and open to change that works for the community as a whole

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