June 2018 Neighborhood Council & Comittee Meetings (Rev. 4)

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council

Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Farnsworth House, 90 South Street


1. Introductions of members.

2. Review/approve minutes of the May 22, 2018, Council meeting.

3. Announcements:

3.1 Announcement of two Council vacancies (Area A: 1, Area C: 1) (Third Announcement)

3.1.1 Nominations for Council vacancies

3.1.2 Election(s) to fill vacancy(ies)

3.2 Other announcements.

4. Election of officers:

4.1 Chair,

4.2 Vice-Chair,

4.3 Secretary-Treasurer.

5. Approval of members of the four working committees.

6. Election of working committee chairs and vice-chairs.

7. Committee reports/recommendations:

7.1. Zoning Committee report and recommendations that Council members VOTE to approve/deny variance(s)/change(s) of use, for properties at: (1) 196 Boylston Street (approve); (2) 71 Call Street, 73-73A, Call Street, 75-75A Call Street, 77-79 Call Street (approve subject to holding abutters’ meeting)); (3) 31-33 Woodlawn Street (approve with proviso)); and, (4) 21-23 Wyman Street (deny).; (5) 260-260A Amory Street(approve);(6) 266-266A Amory Street(approve with proviso); and, (7) 106 Forest Hills Street (deny).  To review the details of, and materials submitted to the committee for, these projects, click here.

7.2. Environment Parks & Energy Committee Report;

7.3. Public Service Committee report and recommendations that Council members VOTE: to affirm the vote of the Public Service Committee re: JFR Fernandez, Inc., doing business as “Happy Market and Spirits” at 128 South Street to defer the request for a 7-day common victualler license with take-out until JFR Fernandez, Inc. hires a consultant to assess the noise and vibration and recommends how to reduce the noise and vibration as much as possible.

7.4. Housing & Development Committee report.

8. New business:

8.1 Improvement of website/updating Council presence in media;

8.2 Orientation schedule for new members; and,

8.3 Brainstorming topics of interest.

9. Adjournment.

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