Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Farnsworth House


1. Introductions of members.

2. Review/approve minutes of the 11/27/18 Council Minutes.

3. Announcements.

3.1 Announcement of Council vacancy in Area A

4. Discussion of Bylaws, particularly Article 4 and Article 12.

5. Committee reports/recommendations:

5.1. Public Service Committee: Report and updates from the Committee.

5.2. Zoning Committee: Report and recommendation that the Council members VOTE to approve the request of Core Empowerment LLC to change occupancy of 401A-405 Centre Street to include retail cannabis establishment.

5.3. Housing & Development Committee: 1). Report on discussion with Jonathan Scott, President, Victory Programs and Devin Larkin, Bureau Director, Recovery Services, on Addiction & Recovery Services in Boston. 2). Report on informational presentation by JPNDC on site plan for Mildred C. Hailey Apartments

5.4. Environment, Parks & Energy Committee:  Report and recommendation that the Council members 1). Send a letter to DCR urging them to continue engaging with the community and to get the design firm to hold additional community meetings as the design phase moves forward.  2). Select a new Chair for EPE.

5.5 Education Ad Hoc Committee: Report on upcoming community meeting regarding BuildBPS on 1/10/19 at 6:00 pm at English High School.

6. New business.

7. Adjournment.

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council & Committee Meetings December 2018

(Updated 12/12/18)

Public Service Committee: Tuesday, December 4 at 7:00 pm at Curtis Hall 20 South Street.

Zoning Committee: Wednesday, December 5 at 7:00 pm at Farnsworth House, 90 South Street.  There is one matter on the agenda: 401A-405 Centre Street (Core Empowerment LLC seeking to change occupancy to include retail cannabis establishment).

Housing & Development Committee: Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm, at Bowditch School building82 Green Street (enter at sidewalk level to left of Main stairs).   The agenda will include: 1). A discussion with Marty Martinez, Chief of Health & Human Services for Boston on the City’s overall management and delivery of addiction & recovery services. 2). Site Plan for Mildred C. Hailey Apartments – an informational presentation by The Community Builders, Urban Edge, and JPNDC on their current proposal.

Zoning Committee: Wednesday, December 19 at 7:00 pm at Farnsworth House, 90 South Street.  The agenda for this meeting is to be determined.

Education Ad Hoc Committee: Wednesday, December 12 at 7:00 pm at Curtis Hall 20 South Street. The agenda includes a discussion on BuildBPS.

Environment, Parks & Energy Committee:  There is NO December Meeting

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council

 Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm, at Farnsworth House90 South Street. Agenda includes: Updates from Committees.

PLEASE NOTE: For the month of December, the Council will meet on the third Tuesday and not the fourth.



Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Agenda

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Farnsworth House, 90 South Street

1.  Introductions of members.

2.  Review/approve minutes of the 10/23/18 Council Minutes.

3.  Announcements.

4.  Committee reports/recommendations:

4.1. Zoning Committee: Report and recommendation that the Council members: 1). VOTE to approve a revised membership list to include new community member; 2). VOTE to approve the petition of 94 Louders Lane to construct a new deck per plans, extend existing porch roof to the right side per plans; 3). VOTE to approve the petition of 233 Pond Street to erect an enclosed, unheated vestibule at front of house in place of the existing brick stoop with an extended porch roof over landing and new granite steps; 4). VOTE to approve the petition of 26 Clive Street to create off-street parking for two residential vehicles; 5). VOTE to support the petition of 6 Parkside Drive to construct a new single-family without comment on design; 6). VOTE to approve the petition of 31 Bardwell Street to add a second floor deck; 7). VOTE approve the petition of 63 May Street to remove existing 4-bay (3-car) garage and reduce to 2-bay garage in existing location; 8). VOTE to approve the petition of 31 Weld Hill Street for a partial renovation of Unit 2 and addition of two dormers; and 9). VOTE to deny the petition of 3-5 Woodlawn Street to erect a two-family residence on a vacant lot per plans.

4.2. Housing & Development Committee: 1). Report on the effects of the luxury housing boom in Boston. 2). VOTE to approve comment letter regarding the proposed development of 50 Stedman Street.

4.3. Environment, Parks & Energy Committee: Report on committee meeting.

4.4. Public Service Committee: Report on initiatives for the year.

4.5 Education Ad Hoc Committee: 1). Report on Boston Public Schools’ BuildBPS, including proposed JP community meeting on 1/10/19 at English High School. 2). VOTE to renew committee’s mandate.

 5. New business.

6. Adjournment.