JPNC 2023 Election Results

Below, please find the results of the Neighborhood Council June 24, 2023, election. Vote totals for each Area are provided with candidates ordered in descending order by votes. Up to the first five names from each area represent the winners, and those names have also been bolded. Please note that only At-Large and Area C were contested races. One spot each in both areas A and B still remain unfilled, and those vacancies can be taken up by the new council.

At-Large (5 Seats):

Purple Reign (Joanne Paul)- 196
Sarah Freeman- 180
Luke Mathew- 168
Michael Reiskind- 154
Dave Baron- 133

Esther Belliard- 129

Area A (5 seats):

Willie Mitchell- 49
Danielle Sommer Kieta- 37
Peter DeCotis- 31
Renee Stacey Welch- 28

Area B (5 Seats):

Lorenzo Bartoloni- 107
Ben Weber- 98
Paige Sparks- 97
Leah Simmons- 64

Area C (5 Seats):

Peg Preble- 90
Alexis Rickmers- 75
Nicholas Chaves- 74
Katherine O’Shea- 74
Gert Thorn- 67

Bernie Doherty- 50
Jeff Paquette- 36