July 7th: Zoning committee meeting

After June 16th, the next Zoning Committee meeting will be on Thursday, July 7th at Farnsworth House.

The agenda for that meeting will include the return of 222-224 Amory Street (Amory Restaurant seeking to change ownership and transfer take-out use) and also, very likely, 254 Amory Street (remove existing one-story porch and existing exterior rear staircase, and replace with two-level porch/deck with attached staircase; install new door) and 43-45 Montebello Road (extend living space into basement).  The next meeting after July 7th will be Thursday, July 21st.

Upcoming Zoning Committee Meeting – Tonight at 7:00 PM

The JP Zoning Committee Meeting is scheduled for 7:00PM this tonight night at Farnsworth House, 90 South Street.

There are six matters on the agenda, three of which have a common applicant and requested variance –

3293-3297 Washington Street (Brookside Community Health Center seeks to create additional parking area over two adjacent parcels (15 additional spaces));

15-17 Pershing Road (extend living space into attic and erect two dormers – the JPA has voted not to oppose this matter);

19 Custer Street (erect 15×20 foot slab and erect one-car garage and new deck, replacing smaller deck); and the three related matters,

126 Day Street, 7 Mark Street, and 2 Mark Street (owner seeks to extend living space of first floor units into basement).

Thursday Zoning Committee meeting cancelled

The meeting of the JP Zoning Committee Meeting scheduled for 7:00PM this Thursday, January 20th is canceled. Each of the applicants who had been on the agenda has requested a later date. Apologies for the late notice.

Our next regularly-scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, February 3rd at Farnsworth House. On the agenda will be 6 Peter Parley Road (change a single-family to a three-family residence), 53 Jamaica Street (add new master bedroom on second level of existing dwelling and add unenclosed deck to rear), and likely 1890 Columbus Avenue (the Walgreens in Egleston Square, seeking to erect two freestanding LED signs).

Our meeting following February 3rd will be February 17th.