“Circle the City” Event Will Bring Open Streets to JP, July 15

An “Open Streets” day will be coming to JP on Sunday, July 15 as part of “Circle the City.” Streets connecting Franklin Park to Jamaica Pond will be closed, encouraging residents to reconnect with their parks this summer and bringing sports, food, and other outdoor activities to the area!

3 comments to “Circle the City” Event Will Bring Open Streets to JP, July 15

  • Suzannah Wood

    Awesome! I’ve heard about this in other cities and love the Memorial Drive closure in Cambridge. So excited for July 15th.

  • Julie Crockford

    In cities across the country, open streets are the rage. Why? because it’s freedom–free of cars so people can meander, stroll, jog, roll, hop scotch if they want! Kids are safe, and can practice on skates, on bikes, on stilts if they want. Come out and play in the streets AND the parks they connect-two of the finest parks in the country. There’ll be live music, yoga classes ever half hour, zumba, free bikes to ride, and so much more.

  • Steve Miller

    A wonderful event — athletics, exercise, music, bicycles, food, fun! People came from all around the city and region — very diverse audience. I hope it leads to more on-street activities around the city.

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